Direct TV vs TWC

We finally took the plunge and dropped Time Warner cable television for Direct TV.

The techs came out Friday and installed the satellite equipment. Unfortunately, they knocked out my internet and phone, which I still get from Time Warner.

They tried several things, but were unable to fix the problem

Man, do I hate having to deal with Time Warner. I called them and placed a service call informing them that the Direct TV techs had just been there and could they send out a tech…and by the way would they cancel my TWC television and what do I do with the boxes.

NOTE to Direct TV techs:

I was going to tell you how to avoid knocking out your customer’s cable internet, but I have reconsidered. Let the customers know how stupid you really are, and further piss them off by killing their  internet.

I expected getting a hard sell to keep the digital cable or getting left on hold, but instead the lady bumped up my internet speed to 30 M at no extra charge.

The TWC tech came out, found the problem, fixed it at no charge.

I am stupefied.

I am now saving $35 a month with Direct TV and no longer have to watch any TWC commercials.


I am shocked that all of a sudden, my Direct TV bill went up to $140 this month. They schtooped me for some bullshit charge they called an ‘equipment protection agreement.’

I cancelled that.I then signed up for HBO/Cinemax package for $17.99 that they billed me for $30. They apologized for the misrepresentation on their site for the pricing discrepancy, but are still charging me the higher price.

So in my opinion, Time Warner Cable is a better deal than Direct TV.
Are you  listening? Keep your cable if you must have tv. I am still getting price increases due to “promos” that ran out but they don’t tell you what “ran out”.

The package we have does not  have the FX movie channels or Sundance channel, nor Ovation, nor CHILL, H2HD, and ESQUIRE among others. To get those, we would have to upgrade two levels. What a bunch of horseshit.

Update on channels: Sundance has magically appeared. The others I mentioned, are still unavailable. If you are a baseball fan, you will be lucky if you get one or two games on the weekends…that’s all. You have to really pay for baseball channels. The same with football. Remember the old days when we could always catch the Braves on TBS? Not any more. It will cost you $120 to watch half season of MLB. More than that for the NFL.

Two years of fighting Direct TV would seem to be in order now.

Update: 5/12

I just got my bill from Direct TV; $97 and change. That’s lower than last month and I don’t know why.

Beware of the ‘hidden charges’ that Direct TV doesn’t tell you about. You must read and  understand carefully about the equipment charges.

You get a main receiver and any extra you get all talk back and forth. The main receiver has several tuners in it and will allow you to record/watch 6 channels at a time. I have yet to see the available memory get below 75%, and I record a lot.

With TWC, you can only record one program while watching another at the same time. Any more, and you must watch one or the other.

It’s true what they say about thunderstorms and satellite television; you can lose your signal. Last night we had a horrific thunderstorm that tore through here, and when I got up, I found I had lost several channels from the Cinemax side of the premium channels. That require a reboot of the main receiver…takes about twelve minutes. It’s not the first time I had to do it.

I like to listen to classic rock. TWC and Direct TV both have classic rock music channels. The TWC channel seems to have a lot of Bob Dylan songs. TWC will allow you to rewind and listen again; Direct TC will not.

Direct TV classic rock channel plays way too many Beatles songs for me. Beatles are not classic rock, IMO.

Update: 6/18

If you elect to go with Direct TV, you will pay more to get the same channels you would get for TWC digital cable.

It will also depend on the number of boxes you require for your household. You must get the main receiver that attaches directly to the dish. Any extra boxes connect to the main box. The other boxes are much smaller. The main box contains the dvr, and it fully accessible by the other boxes.

TWC require you rent a box for each TV using digital cable, although you can just hook your TV to the cable splitter outside, but you will only get about a hundred channels.

My TWC bill is now $108 a month and change and all I have is turbo internet and phone. The phone part is around $40 a month, and I surmise the internet charge comprises the rest of the bill plus all the bullshit taxes.

You cannot get internet even close to cable speeds with a satellite dish.

Please reconsider also using TWC phone. Certainly, you get all the bells and whistles; call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and others that are probably worthless. They tell you you can block up to thirty numbers…why only thirty? Why can’t we block every number we want to permanently?

Also, they tell you that numbers that are blocked, will not come through if you so desire. Well hell yeah if I get caller ID then I don’t want to pick up calls that are hiding their identity. These blocked numbers still get through, and usually ring at the most inappropriate time. We have our phone unplugged now.

One more thing about TWC phone; if your power goes out, you’re screwed. If your internet goes out, you’re screwed. If you have ATT land line, it is independent of the power supplies to your home, and the internet status. It is a totally independent circuit, but you pay dearly for all the bells and whistles.

Direct TV offers phone through their affiliate, ATT. Also DSL available too, still  much slower than cable.

My Direct TV bill is staying steady at $97 a month and change with HBO and Cinemax. I am strongly considering cancelling the premium channels as HBO reeks of liberalism. Plus I was very disappointed with the Game of Thrones Season Five.

Oh yeah, my Direct TV programming charge will increase after twelve months, and I still will have another year to go.

A note about HBO…I get 10 channels of HBO; 2 channels are for kids, one is spanish only, and two channels broadcast the exact same programming. WTF?

One more thing about Direct TV. When I was going through all the bullshit one has to go through to sign up, it was made very clear to me in more ways than one, that high speed internet had to be available for the system to work properly. OK.

When the techs came out to install the system, they just shrugged it off saying “Nah. It’s not important.”

I looked into connecting my internet to the main receiver a couple of weeks later…remember they killed my internet?…I found out that to connect the system to the web, one has to purchase another piece of equipment.

Update: 7/16

I just received a notice from TWC stating that the “promotional period” for a service was expiring and my bill would go up next month. It must be the phone that we have unplugged a month ago.

Seems the stepdaughter (25) owes several credit card companies. We were getting several calls a day for her; none for us so I answered and gave them her cell number. She conveniently “lost” her cell so we had to pull the plug on the house phone as the calls started at 9 am.

Forty bucks a month for the TWC phone and it’s going up? No thanks.

Update: 7/29

I studied my TWC bill today and discovered that I have been paying for basic cable tv for five months. I had already decided to cancel my phone service, and then the wrestling match began between me and the ‘cancellation department’.

They put the hard sell on me to keep the phone, tv, and internet bundle at no extra charge for two years.

They offered me an internet speed of 200 MPS at the end of the year, as apparently the technology has advanced to that point (for no extra charge…about $65 a month).

I was nice and declined repeating that all I wanted was internet, and for them to cancel the TV and phone. I mean, if I’m so valuable, why didn’t I get the ‘special promo’ to begin with?

So, when the smoke clears, I’ll have knocked down my TWC bill by over $40 a month.

If any of you currently with TWC call them and tell them you’re cancelling, they will do a little dance to keep you, and you will probably get a better deal with them than you already have. It’s worth a shot.

Update 8/8/15

Well I just got my bill from Direct TV with an increase of fifteen dollars. So with my TWC bill getting reduced, it offsets against the Direct TV.

Think carefully before you switch to Direct TV. You’re probably better off just trashing both. Save your money and consider raising blueberry bushes.

Update 8/31/15

2:05 pm

Today, I decided to disconnect the HBO/Cinemax. I have seen everything I wanted to see on the fifteen channels at least twice, so I’m done with that. When I purchased it back in April, it was a  bundle deal that listed for $16.99 a month. To my surprise, it was $30.99 per month when I got the billing statement. The apologized, but would not give me the discounted rate. I kept it until now.

After a fifteen minute wait on hold, I spoke to a customer rep who was actually very nice and courteous. No  hard sell, and I got three months of Starz and Encore free. They just had a free preview of same, and I think I pretty much saw everything they offered as well.

Additional Note:

If you are a person who likes to watch MLB and the NFL, you might want to check pricing  on the MLB and NFL tickets. They ain’t cheap and the only baseball you will get for free is the playoffs…guaranteed. Each are at least $200 per season. You might get games that are broadcast locally…might.

More notes:

Don’t be fooled by the $19.95 pricing for monthly fee. You won’t get hardly any programming for that. It’s the equipment leasing that kills you. My equipment costs $41 a month as we have four boxes. Our programming is $29.95 and will go up at least ten bucks next March when the first year is up.

Update 10/22/15

I have turned off the power save so that the received does not shut off…how annoying. The receiver seems to “go to sleep” and become unresponsive after no button are pushed on the remote for as little as fifteen minutes. If I change a channel, only part of the three digits will actually be accepted and ends up either wrong channel or “channel not available”.

If I decide to pause a program or rewind one in progress, there is a delay for several seconds before the command is accepted. How annoying.

There is nothing on the direct TV forums to fix this.

My wife and I and talking about moving. Perhaps we’ll just walk away from Direct TV and screw them.

Update: 12/2/15

With TWC, one gets MGM channel and SONY channels free with digital cable. With Direct TV, I have been searching their LOSER site and cannot find one reference to either of the aforementioned channels in ANY of their packages. Screw Direct TV. Keep your cable or do away with all television. I gave up on that.

Next, I was trying to find out how much the internet interface equipment costs. No can find. Direct TV’s site must be designed by a bunch of foreigners because I have found no answers.

Update: 12/7/2015

I kept getting this message from Direct TV on the screen saying go to the web and look up how to learn shortcuts with your remote. Sounded good to me so I went to the page, typed in the model of my remote (there’s like eight of them), and it asked me to type in the make and model of an accessory connected to my system

I never did get the amp to work with the Direct TV remote so I punched in Yamaha to get the code. Silly me…to think that Direct TV actually had the wherewithal to get this right. They didn’t even have the buttons right on the remote…so absolutely zero help.

Direct TV is like Comrade obamski’s regime: all smoke and mirrors.

Update 12/26/15

Well, here we go again. Directv is offering free access to literally thousands of series (and a few shitty movies) for free  until January 2. Sounds good right?


What they don’t tell you is that you cannot access any of these with an internet connection.

So solly cholly.

Liars figure and figures lie.

Fifteen more months of this lying bullshit, and my contract is over. I will give you 24 hours to send your flunkies over to pick up the hardware; otherwise you can pick through the rubble in the front yard.

And another thing:

I got an email from a person just like you curious folks that found this post. She said she called Directv for pricing, and they would not tell her what she would be paying when the introductory pricing ran out.

Keep your TWC. It’s a better deal than you know. I understand their customer service has improved.

Update 2/6/2016

I was trying to find out what package I had to upgrade to to get MGM and Sony channels from Directv. Those channels come with TWC.

I cannot even get the channel lineup from Directv.

I am coming up on my first year in hell with Directv.

Don’t you make the same mistake.


I just got my bill. This is the end of my first year and now all prices went up.

My current bill jumped to $151.00 and some change.

All promotional fees are expired…forever.

When my contract is up in eleven months, I will go back to TWC…unless we’re all just a pile of glowing ash.

Update 5/8/16

I ordered HBO last month because we’re hooked on Game of Thrones. I just got my bill for May: $203 and change. Remember though, this is just TV. We still pay nearly sixty a month for Time Warner internet.

Direct TV is not your friend.

No, Direct TV does not bundle with Time Warner.

Update 11/6/16

Now that Spectrum has swallowed up Time Warner and Comcast, they now control a huge part of the country’s internet.

With the services that are out there now, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Roku, Netflix, and many others, we don’t need television any longer. No more commercials every five minutes after watching ten minutes of TV.

We are now paying over $180 a month, just for television on Direct TV.

If you have high speed internet through a cable service, check out some of the services and what they offer. My brother in law gets 60 MPS download speed from spectrum. He never watches any network television. He is a movie buff and sees everything that comes out almost from day one.

Consider pulling the plug from TV, and keep your internet. Netflix, Hulu and others now have some very nice series out there.

Update: 4/8/2017

Our bill now has topped out at $194 and some change; no explanation given, just an increase.

I remind you no internet is included with this price. Spectrum gives us a quite nice internet speed for $75 a month.

Of course, I now live in the country where cable is non-existent so we rely on satellite internet which is dial up speed compared to cable internet, and it costs considerably more (twice the price) as average speed cable. Hughes Net offers up to 25 Mps for over $125 per month.


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