Labor Day

It’s strange how different employers treat Labor Day.

Over the years, I have worked at many places, and I have seen as many different views of said ‘holiday’.

Of course, banks, post office employees, city county state and federal employees get the day off paid.

But the rest of us in the private sector, well you get what you get.

The first job I had was fixing small engines. The owner was retired USAF, and we got no paid holidays. We worked every day of the year except Sundays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. On the other holidays we did work, there was a surprising amount of business.

The next job I had actually paid us for some holidays. The next job was same as the first; some holidays off, but not paid.

After that, I got a real job that gave us Christmas, Thanksgiving and the day after, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, your birthday, and New Year’s Day. I was in tall cotton in those days.

The job after that was the dream job; all above mentioned holidays plus a floater, Columbus Day, Veterans Day..basically all federal holidays. The company ‘asked’ some guys to work anyway on Veteran’s and Columbus day as those are strictly federal holidays and the rest of the world is open. Copier owners have little patience for excuses when their machine is down.

I was so used to having Labor Day that when I moved back to Hell, I found out that the company did not take Labor Day off. I almost quit. As a matter of fact, I called my old boss to see if they would take me back; seriously.

This company went back and forth over the ten years I was there; first they didn’t offer the holiday; then they did, then they didn’t. Small mom and pop shop. The boss really thought that someone was gonna walk in and buy a copier…on a holiday. That was a long day. The phone didn’t ring, the service techs hung around and the boss would have them doing menial shit like sweeping floors, counting rainbows, and watching for snipes.Service techs ain’t used to that so they would sneak out and disappear after a longer-than-usual-lunch.

Since the phone didn’t ring, the admin staff just sat getting bored. The sales staff just milled around and annoyed the rest of us; more than they usually did. Some of the employees were such that one did not want to be around them all day long. The UPS guy showed up was a high point. Pathetic.

But still, the boss refused to give the day off, because he was CHEAP. He was hyper too, and he would zip through the building checking on everyone to see what we were doing, clapping his hands and humming some stupid insurance jingle. That just made it worse.

Once in a while, he would shut the door early; like 4:00. Whoopiefuckindoo. Everyone else in the world was knee deep in BBQ by then.

He, his ex-wife (who was also an owner) and their kid were quite the trio of misunderstanding, living in their own world, a very different perspective if you will.

The kid once took a vacation during the week before Easter. She took Monday through Friday (Good Friday).

The boss let everyone go home at noon on Good Friday.

When the kid returned the following week and found out that we got off half day on Good Friday, she fully expected to get paid another half day because she had taken vacation.

Obviously, she was laughed at by the owners and after considerable loud discussions from both sides, she quit!

As I indicated, that family had a very weird viewpoint of reality. They are probably working today. I should call and then hangup; just to give them something to do.