Hope this doesn’t happen to Dr Jim


When I moved from Austin to Denver back in ’94, a popular bumper stick in the greater Denver metro area read:

Go Back To California, and Take a Texan With You

The Denver metro area grew one million people in the nineties.


One thought on “Hope this doesn’t happen to Dr Jim

  1. Thanks for your concern….

    We’ve been there a couple of times, and are going back for Thanksgiving. My wife’s youngest son and his fiance, along with all her family, are there, and have been there so long they’re natives.

    They know us, and our beliefs and attitudes, and have welcomed us like family.

    They understand fully that we’re not leaving Kommiefornia as much as we’re escaping.

    I just hope the economy and society at large hold together long enough for us to get out of here!

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