I am done with the freaking muslims

I am finished coddling these camel cocksucking child molesters.


The bitch knew goddam well serving liquor is part of the responsibility of a fucking flight attendant. Get rid of her. Accidents happen at 30,000 feet. Make one happen.

It’s obvious that a larger conspiracy has cause this wave of bacon eating wannabe cowards to begin an exodus to infiltrate the Christian world.


These ratfucks are not refugees; they’re muslim terrorists and they are getting free entry into European countries.

They don’t even want food and water from the Red Cross. I bet if you fried up bacon and waited long enough, they’d eat it…but why waste it?

Shut the goddam borders and start shooting. A pile of burning bodies is much more a deterrent than a fence.


Send hogs to the borders. Toss their innards all around. Have a huge pork BBQ. Feed that to the refugees. A true test of their religion. If they don’t eat pork, toss ’em in the pork pit.


2 thoughts on “I am done with the freaking muslims

  1. I have been to war against shithead muslims and seen their hypocrisy. They have infiltrated Europe and America. About 4 years ago I tried buying a new car. During the negotiation process I found out the owner/sales manager was a muslim and I walked out on the deal. I will not do business with them. They all can rot.

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