When is a columnist not a columnist?

When he’s a former NBA star.


Hey you fuck. If that’s all it takes to be a columnist then I could do that. All you’ve done is put together a group of quotes and previous news stories, and by golly; now you’re a fucking columnist!

You also sound like a left winger since you have over looked something gravely important:

When politicians support Davis in defying the U.S. Supreme Court, they are making it clear why they should never be elected to any office, let alone the Presidency of the United States where they would take the oath to “support and defend the Constitution” since they are emphatically telling America that they wouldn’t support and defend it. They have announced that if you sincerely disagree with the Constitution, feel free to ignore it. And not just ignore it, make sure to use your position so that others are barred from following it.

You asshole. Obamski has made a mockery of this country by pissing all over the US Constitution, and if you have ignored that then you’re nothing but a fucking hypocrite.

A reporter actually goes out into the street and asks questions.

A columnist; well I covered that already.

Kim Davis is not a patriot. She’s a bible thumpin’ wacko, the kind I do not want to see knocking on my door on Saturday morning…

Have you heard the word of the Lord today sir? He can save your soul…

She ain’t bucking the Supreme Court, she’s a wide-eyed borderline devil dodger.