Awaiting the Arrival of Fall

X always gets excited (schwing) this time of year as fall approaches. Mainly because the temps down here get out of the nineties next month, and continue a slow downward decline into January. The local forecast indicates temps will be in the nineties for the next several days, which is typical September weather for here.

Plus, it’s getting close to the winter seasonal brewing for cider, and perhaps a strong winter ale this year.

This year the cider will have an additional component I have not used before, and will probably use a couple pounds of it: piloncillo.

Piloncillo is unrefined cane sugar. It can be found in Hispanic food markets. It is a cone-shaped looking chunk of brown sugar wrapped in cellophane. It costs about a buck for 8 ounces.

My cider plan is have enough fermentables in it this year so as to have the alcohol  kill off the yeast, thus leaving a sweet cider.

I await now for the arrival of the Louisburg apple cider at the local grocery store chain, from which I make my hard stuff.

6 gallons of cider, 2 lbs of piloncillo, 5 lbs of honey, a couple pounds of raisins, and a couple of thin-sliced lemons will do the trick. I plan to boil down 2 gallons of the cider to about half to concentrate the sugar.

The Wyeast Sweet Mead only will hold its own up to 11% alcohol, then it will poop out. I could finish it with champagne yeast, but it would be dreadfully dry…and strong.

On a side note, X has been thus far successful in his quitting smoking endeavor. It has now been six weeks.