No Sweat

Everyone is all up at arms over that fact that obamski has “opened the gates” to every and all illegal swine who would enter the United States illegally through the Texas southern border.

For those of you up north, you might be thinking

man, I sure feel for those poor bastards on the Tex-Mex border. Those stinkin’ wetbacks have gotta be all over the place down there.

Well, heh heh, you just keep right on thinkin’ that. The truth is, that these mojados
that enter illegally, don’t wanna stay down here on the border because there’s too many folks like them already here. The local mescan population gets really pissed when anyone outsiders try to horn in on their ‘turf’.

Think about it. These wetbacks don’t cross over to stay here…they cross the river to go north.

The sad truth is, that places like Idaho Falls, Idaho get inundated with “refugees”; same as Minnesota. Those people up there are the ones that need sympathy, guns, and ammo.

Sure, there are ‘refugee’ stations here, but the mojados are bussed somewhere else.

Is that irony? No, just senseless.

Just like obamski ordering US soldiers to build a fence in Nigeria.

Obamski’s fence at the US mexican border


Frankly, the SHTF Plan is a little extreme and alarmist, but I usually take a glance at their articles and don’t blindly jump on their bandwagon.