Colorado: Stop The Koch Brothers Now

From what I have read in recent years, residents of Colorado are blindly following the liberal lie and propagating it.

Agenda 21 is an idea passed by the United Nations, and was innocent enough in its inception, but has been misinterpreted by others since; namely the Koch brothers, whose heritage is Stalin-based.

The influence of the Koch brothers in Colorado has resulted in the shutdown of water wells which will cause farmlands to become non-productive and dry up. What then? The farmer sells for peanuts, the Cock brothers buy it for nothing, then change the legislation to reopen the water wells. Oh, this is well within in the framework of the greedy-ass Cock brothers.

Their influence has trickled down into the state legislature, and into the Governor’s office, as well as city councils, police departments, university heads, and your run of the mill flamin’ liberal mouths-with-no-ears-or-brains.

Extensions on this agenda push anti-second amendment too. Colorado has already tarnished its name because of idiotic anti-gun legislation which has proven to be ineffective in stopping gun related crime. Wake up, fools. Your state government is slowly turning you into California. (That’s why the bumper stickers twenty years ago…I get it now.)

Colorado, stop these assholes now, because this is the kind of untruth that will spread to other states.