Slap Obama’s Face

To really get to obamski there’s always this:

If you get invited to the black house, JUST SAY NO!

It’s a dream I have.

Just say

that’s the day I have dialysis..or

that’s the day I scoop the dogshit so I can mow…or

I gotta meet Pedro at the river to help him across…or

I’m taking my concealed carry exam that day…or

I’m going to Mosby’s for guerilla training…or

I gotta pick up my white hood…or

My 10,000 rounds of 7.62 is coming in that day…or

that’s the day I denounce my citizenship…or

My day to sit on the Rio Grande river bank…or

My turn to work on the wall at the border…or

I’m sleepin’ in that morning…or

I was going into town to get some power converters…or

Goin’ to The Camp to pop some refugees…or

Goin’ to meet Eric H. says he has some guns for sale…or

Goin’ to have chocolate love 3-way with michelle…or

Gotta meet the “death counselor” that day…or

You get the idea.