Recognize These In Your State?

 I got this from director Blue

Muslims of America (MOA) have known training camps near these cities

  Marion, Alabama 

  Baladullah, California  

  Oak Hill, California  

  Squaw Valley, California  

  Tulare County, California  

  Buena Vista, Colorado 

  Tallahassee, Florida 

  Commerce, Georgia 

  Jessup, Georgia 

 Springfield, Massachusetts 

 Hagerstown, Maryland 

 Hyattsville, Maryland 

 Coldwater, Michigan 

 Binghamton, New York 

 Deposit, New York 

 Hancock, New York  (National Headquarters) 

 Talihina, Oklahoma 

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 

 York, South Carolina 

Dover, Tennesee 

 Houston, Texas 

 Waco, Texas 

 Fairfax, Virginia 

 Falls Church, Virginia 

 Meherrin, Virginia 

 Red House, Virginia  

 Roanoke, Virginia 

 Bethany, West Virginia 

 Onalaska, Washington

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Hadji and Achmed living in a training compound near you…start your hog farms now



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