Is Islam a Religion?

Not according to a comment made on John Rourke’s site Modern Survival Online

Regarding: Should a Muslim be allowed to be president?
The constitution says that there should be no religious test.
Muslim is not a religion.
Islam is also not a religion.
It is a political system apparently based on a the sociopathic mindset of a pedophile, serial killer that praises and honors conscienceless brutal murder.
Most Muslims follow Islam.
The goal of Islam is the destruction of all people and governments other than the Caliphate.
Would you allow a serial killer to reside in the oval office?
Where do we draw the line, at Hannibal Lector?
Islam defined is no religion. and should not fall under religious protections.

Ted Cruz, a self admitted Constitutionalist, says otherwise

Man, that’s a sticky-as-hell-wicket.