Biometric Database On All Of Us

A shocking discovery made indicates that the FBI has been merging fingerprint databases with that of biometric ones. No, really?

I got news for you. The feds be doing that for forty years. Some of the dumbass media types think it’s something new and high-tech.

So what do we do? you may ask. Make them work for it.

Well, you might refuse voluntary DNA sample donations at your local police station.

I don’t know if our doctors are supposed to gather DNA and submit it into the database. My doc hasn’t taken any samples from me, but I get my lab work done at another location. Doctors are in cahoots with the administration (they have to be) so beware what you give up. If they give you the “test” tell them to ‘f’ themselves backwards.

“But we have to ask these questions” they may whine.

Grab the clipboard and write on the paper

To obamski: fuck you and everyone that looks like you. Stop  sending minions to do your dirty work, ya bastid!


Avoid with all ernestness getting hauled into the copshop. Even if you don’t get arrested, they will keep your prints and mug photos…don’t care what they tell you.

Best just to GTF out of the city and avoid all contact with law enforcement.