What A Frickin’ Mess

Holy crap! Where do I start?

Pope Francis the Communist is visiting. obamski couldn’t be bothered so he was late with the motorcade to meet said Communist at the airport and had the control tower have the Communist’s plane in a holding pattern until the one true God could meet him.


Many upcoming anti-capitalist conversations this week. obamski will be competing headliners with the Popeski here.


Bring that shit to me bitch…

from Antz In Pantz

Talk like that would get you ‘acid face’ in ze old country.
You see, just carry a ‘throw down’ knife to leave at the scene after you introduce the muslim to ‘western justice, partner’. Might wanna carry bacon with you wherever you go to fling at camel jockeys.
I see Bruce Jenner not being criminally charged. Although, I know for a fact one can be charged with ‘negligent homicide’.
“female wannabe” gets extra scans by TSA due to “unknown appendage”. WTF? If  one is gonna fly, and one dresses up as a woman, and gets stopped at security for having a ding-dong…
14 year old ‘clock boy’ dupes obamski administration. Says might drop by after his side trip to Mecca.
Confidential note to Clock Boy: beware of Afghan men looking for ‘good time’.
This brilliant young lady did not get an invite to the black house