Wanna Keep Out The Muslims? Here’s How

Seems like muslims are in the news every freaking day now


Are they taking over?


and here too


Now they’re saying to further their cause to build a caliphate


The truth is that islam was founded on the idea that everyone except faithful muslims, are to be killed; period…or enslaved then killed, or raped then killed.

obamski, a self proclaimed muslim even though he doesn’t wear a rag, insists that America is a muslim nation, and allows muslim refugees in.

All this “muslim refugee” bullshit begs a question:

If islam is so great, why are they fleeing?

Answer: to infiltrate and destroy all Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Kafirs.

If you think X is over-reacting, you need to read my earlier post about Dr. Bill Warner

before passing judgement.

The muslim problem begs another question: how do we get rid of them?

Answer: hog farms

Yep, hog farms.

Ragheads will not venture onto property where there have been hogs, pigs, sows, or little piggies running ’round.

Ragheads are offended by them in every way.

Start your hog farm today. Give a piggie to your neighbors. Lend your hog out for animal husbandry purposes.

You will need a constant water source for your pigs, and of course they will eat anything; even muslims.

The typical litter is eight to twelve little piggies that will nurse for about three months.

It takes six months for a piglet to hit 250 pounds.

Build yourself a smokehouse to make your bacon.

Spread the wealth. Promote hog farms. Dip all your bullets in pig blood. Put a pig pic on the side of your pickup, at your front gate, on your gimme cap, on every shirt you wear, on your letterhead, and a wooden cutout in your front yard.

Keep your children safe from sand niggers: put little piggie pics on their clothes, socks, shoes, tattoos, backpacks…make it very clear.

Advertise your hogfarm in the local paper with a picture of your prize winning Duroc.

Keep an audio recording of pig squeals and oinking for your kickass stereo in your vehicles, and on your smart phones to play when ragheads are rowdy.

Carry bacon with you to throw on said rowdy ragheads.

If they scream “racial hate crime”, you scream louder “muslims are not a race!” then offer them bacon.

They they counter “we demand religious freedom” you scream “islam is not a religion” then offer them more piggie.

Let your piggies run wild in your yard, and invite the dune coons over for a BBQ.

At the town picnic, be sure to bring a shitload of pulled pork sammiches and chicharrones.

Attend all town council and school board meetings wearing your piggie jacket and piggie gimme cap.

Turn your neighbors into hog farmers.

Make that your goal; to spread hog farming across the land so that there are a thousand times as many piggies as there are towelheads.

Take your pickup into town every now and then full of pigs, and just drive it around where the sand niggers hang out. If they get too close, fling bacon at them.

With that many pigs, you’ll have a lot of pigshit. You could compost it, bag it, and sell it dirt cheap at every single 7-11 and grocery store in town. Just stack it outside.

Be sure to fertilize everything you grow with pigshit and make it well known when you take your crops to the local fruit stand.

Donate a shitload of stuffed piggies to the local hospital children’s ward, because who doesn’t like a cute stuffed piggie? muslims.

Be sure to promote championship pigs with your local FFA and livestock shows.

You wanna get rid of the dune coons in our country who have invaded us? and made it clear that they are going to take over? do you want that for your children?

Then get rid of them with their own religion.


12 thoughts on “Wanna Keep Out The Muslims? Here’s How

  1. hey, ETWB!
    at last! someone who knows ‘moslem’ isn’t a race!
    thanks for correcting the palaver!

    retired admiral also says moslem isn’t a religion, it is a political system.
    cannot be dealt with properly until that idea is understood.

    and, great idea about the pigs.. i will get right on the pig clothing and car decor idea! great idea!


  2. When I had to travel to the middle east with work I always packed 4 or 5 packs of pork rinds in my luggage. It worked great until I got deported from Qatar and blacklisted so I can never go back.

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