Pope Frank, the Commie

Be careful what you say, frankie. Argentina didn’t do so well under communism did it?

Fucking communist. Everywhere you go, everything is free for you, isn’t it?


I wonder if he gets “handled” by TSA, or if TSA treats frankie like they treat fuckin’ muslims.


Of course we have our illegals gotta tell the communist how rough it is in the USA. Let’s be sure and tug at all the bleeding heart liberals but having a little girl run out to him..awww


I guess this one-generation-away-from-being-illegal doesn’t get it: the pope ain’t a faith healer! Don’t ya know nuthin’! How much did his comminess charge you for a personal visit? Or did you have to “pay” obamski?


(Yawn!) I’m done with this shit…almost

frank the hypocrite



You know what I say frank? I say fuck you. You are no fucking better than the goddam liberals that run my country. We have enough hypocrisy here already. You get the fuck out, and stay the fuck away, and take a shitload of muslims with you.

commies are the next step on the liberal ladder


3 thoughts on “Pope Frank, the Commie

  1. I’m a Catholic, and very disappointed that the College of Cardinals elected this commie as Pope.

    I’m no Bible scholar, but shit like this almost makes me think The End Times are near….

  2. I mean no offence to Catholics, Jim. This guy should have been a dictator somewhere or perhaps an advisor to one…not the leader of the Church. Catholics should be ashamed of what he says.

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