Some Facts About Islam

Some things you may or may not know about Islam

  • FACT: certain Imams that are living in the west want Sharia Law in the west as they don’t care about practicing Sharia Law in any of the Arabic states
  • FACT: many of the immigrants that came to Europe en masse starting August 2015 were not looking for refuge from war but, instead, they were heading for the most developed countries that would give them the most benefits (such as Germany, Austria and Sweden). They refused to stay in 2nd world countries such as Hungary,
  • FACT: at least 4% of people living in Belgium are Muslim (source), although other sources are saying it’s 50% bigger (6%)
  • FACT: there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world right now (source) and their fertility rate is higher than that of Christians (source).
  • FACT: Christians and Muslims cannot live together. They fight in the Middle East, they fight in Africa, they fight in Europe.
  • FACT: Saudi Arabia has banned snowmen (source)
  • FACT: A Saudi cleric said that Mickey Mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers (source)
  • FACT: Islam is not about freedom of speech or equality of rights.
  • FACT: although Muslims in Sweden account for only 5% of the population, they commit 77% of all the rapes (source). Indeed, the legislation is broader when it comes to the definition of rape but compared the the numbers corresponding to non-Muslims (95% of the population committing only 25% of rapes), they are extremely high.
  • FACT: The Swedish city of Malmo has a considerable amount of immigrants, many of them being Muslims and has seen a considerable increase in crime (source)

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Their entire existence is a goal that embraces killing everyone on the planet, until muslims are all that are left.

Another fact is that we don’t need ’em.

Another fact is that we don’t want ’em.

Another fact is that muslims will not eat pork. They believe pigs are low life animals, and are the scourge of the planet. This can be used against them.

Another fact is that muslims do not drink alcohol. What would happen if they get some spilled on them, and were too close to a fire?

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