Beer Update

The beer was very successful in its fermenting start yesterday. I used liquid malt extract instead of the normal dried malt extract (dme). With the dme, I usually use a blowoff tube so the krausen does not blow off the airlock. The liquid extract seems not to have that issue.

I have no pictures to post because well, it’s a sad story about WordPress.

Several years ago, I used blogspot for my lame attempts at blogging. When Google announced that they were keeping “secret files” on everyone, starting with their own clients, I deleted my posts and dumped them; including my gmail account.

It’s kinda too bad because I like the ease of both of those, but hey; X has principles. I since jumped on board the WordPress bandwagon, and WordPress is hugely disappointing in many ways, one of them being their policy on uploaded data amount.

The WordPress is free. I have six WordPress sites, and each site has 3G max of upload data. I was disappointed to find out that I could not upload mp3 until I got an “upgrade” (perhaps many of you remember the ‘Classic Rock Trivia’ contest last fall?) It allowed me to upload mp3 files and my own You tube videos. This ‘upgrade’ cost $20. I thought that reasonable, so I purchased it, and the rest is history.

However, in August my ‘upgrade’ expired, and WordPress no longer offers the $20 ‘upgrade’. I can still use all the stuff I uploaded, but cannot upload more; including homebrew pics, kitchen pics, and so many other audio and video stimulatory things that X used for entertainment purposes.

Now, it costs $99, and they call it ‘Premium Upgrade’. X said “I don’t think so” to that, and now everyone does without.

Not true…I can still upload to my other accounts. Here’s a link to the Blue Moon clone recipe……with pictures!