MLB Playoffs Start Tonight

This is a link to the MLB playoff schedule.

So who do you like?

With Direct TV, I saw very little baseball this season. They offered a couple of free weekends, and I took advantage of those, but otherwise, zip.

Oh once in a while the MLB network might have a game but usually all that station is talk talk talk and highlights. Harold Reynolds is probably the best host they have on that station.

At least when Ted Turner still owned TBS and the Braves, I got to see some ball games…WGN too was always broadcasting Cub games…not any more. I had to wait all season for the playoffs to begin before getting to see any games.

The good thing is that usually the playoffs are good baseball.

Tonight’s game is the American League Wild Card: Astros @ Yankees.

Last year, the Royals won the wild card game and went to the series.

The SF Giants, winners of the series last year, did not make it to the playoffs this year. Just as well I guess. Their pitcher, Baumgartner(?) is phenomenal.

Both Texas teams are starting in the playoffs this year, but I didn’t get to see them play much this season as the games are blacked out.

Toronto looked pretty good. I got to see them play the Yankees a few times.

We’ll see. Regardless, we get to see the best that the MLB has to offer.


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