Baseball Tonight

The MLB playoffs continue this evening with the Chicago Cubs at Pittsburg Pirates. 7:00 central on TBS.

I  haven’t seen these teams much this year (or any other for that matter) so I won’t project how the game could go.

If you’re a huge baseball fan, you may want to consider taking Friday off and park yourself in your chair. 12 hours of baseball starting at 1:30 central time.


Cubs win! in the words of the late great Harry Carey…4-0.

Pittsburg showed some very poor sportsmanship in intentionally hitting the Cubs pitcher.

What’s worse than that is Sean Rodriguez, who was removed from the game for lack of offence, slugged a couple of Gatorade water coolers after a bench clearing near-brawl after Watson hit Arrieta.

If there is justice, it was handed back to the fucking Pirates by Arrieta in his completing nine innings and shutting out the Pirates.

Rodriguez, it’s players like you that redefine poor sportsmanship. Fuck you.

Go Cubs.

Bye Bye Pirates. Maybe you can play nicer next year. The only baseball you get until then is watching it on TV.