Sheriff Hanlin Is Perfect For Investigating The Shooting

The Brady Campaign is one of those groups like moms demand action…they all hate guns and want them all confiscated…of course they don’t have an answer about the fact that criminals and terrorists will have them…DO you?

The Brady Campaign is adamant that Sheriff Hanlin of Roseburg Oregon is “not qualified” to investigate this shooting because he posted something on FB that hinted that the Sandy Hook shooting was a government staged hoax.

Well, you Kool-Aid drinking, left-wing, I’m-Gonna-Do-Everything-I-Can-To-Take-Your-Guns bleeding heart liberals, the evidence that the Sandy Hook Hoax was a hoax is incontrovertible, making Sheriff Hanlin more qualified than anyone because he don’t believe the obasmki administration bullshit.

You blind-assed single-minded muthufuckas. You assholes probably voted for obamski too.

Go crawl up Shrillary’s ass.