Rangers at Bluejays…Game 1

Rangers went ahead early.

Carlos Beltre, 3rd baseman for the Rangers, slid into 2nd base and landed funny, hurting his back which was much more obvious as he ran to first on a base hit. He ended up limping the last few yards in pain. He was taken out.

Donaldson, 3rd baseman for the Bluejays, got popped in the head as he was sliding into 2nd in an attempt to knock down the 2nd baseman. Donaldson was taken out of the game as he “just wasn’t himself”. His haircut looked like something Eddie Scissorhands would do.

Yeah, we all know that if a player is blocking the baseline, a runner can run into him legally. We don’t see it much of a problem at first or at third, but second and home can get dangerous for runner and player.

I played softball one summer on a coed league, and the first base person on the opposing team was a woman.

When I batted, I got a base hit and by golly if she didn’t park her skinny ass right on the baseline. She leaned out to catch the thrown ball, and I had to jump over her, using her back as my fulcrum. I was safe and I scolded her loudly. Loud enough to get the attention of the rest of her team which half dozen or so came over to be sure that I wasn’t going to do anything rash. Oh yeah, her team was the USBP. They didn’t have no skinny ass guys on that team.

My point is, if you choose to block the baseline, you are dancin’ with the devil and usually deserve what you get if choose to try to hurt someone else; legally or no.

I get it. I have done it in Little league baseball. No one was hurt, and the player blocking the baseline always got his ass chewed out by the coach.

Rougned Odor of the Rangers was hit twice by pitches, then knocked a solo homer in the 7th. His name sounds Scandinavian, but he’s from Venezuela.

That asshole Sean Rodriguez from Pittsburg should take a lesson from Odor about sportsmanship.

Is is me or are the losers the ones with the poor sportsmanship?

Rangers win 5-3.