MLB and their Rules

This crap with Utley and his flagrant illegal slide into second base, causing a season ending injury for Ruben Tejada, ain’t over yet.

Utley has appealed the decision to suspend his cheatin’ ass for two games. His agent was really hopeful they could get this ‘cleared up’ before this afternoon’s game.

Half of the MLB players said “I’d want him on my team”

The other half say (paraphrased) “that was an illegal slide”.

The rules are very clear. It would seem that those in power at the MLB are such the same as the democrats that got caught with their pants down at the 2012 election, stuffing ballot boxes, then saying “it’s too late now, the election is over”.

You know what I say? ‘Course ya do.

I say that if the MLB reverses its decision, and allows Chickenshit Utley to play, then say Fuck MLB. What the fuck good are the goddam rules if you don’t enforce them?

(now spit)


MLB was unable to have a hearing for poor mistreated Chickenshit Utley today (Monday), so Utley is cleared to play.

Well that’s just great MLB. You suspend a player, and all he’s gotta say is “I’m innocent” and now he gets to play.

Although Utley is not on the starting lineup, that doesn’t mean he won’t play.