New Low for MLB fans: Blue Jays in Particular

The Rangers have a man on 3rd.

The pitcher throws the ball. The catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher. The catcher inadvertently hits the batter’s hand/bat and the ball bounces out onto the infield, and the runner comes home and scores a run.

This run put the Rangers up by one run.

The umpires had a conference and agreed that the run counted.

Folks, I learned in Little League that the ball is always live, unless it has been fouled.

I have never in my life seen a display of poorer sportsmanship by the fans. They threw cups, and beer cans, and bottles onto the field and at other spectators.

A Bluejays player was ejected for talking shit to the umpire.

Holy Shit! These assholes are professional baseball players, and they don’t even know the rules!

You suck, Bluejays. I hope your plane crashes.