Bluejays Lose

Toronto was certainly hot last night in Game 3 as they whooped up on the Royals.

Today for Game 4, was a different story. The Bluejays starting pitcher was a knuckleballer (R.A. Dickey), and the Royals hit the hell out of him until he was pulled in the third inning, as the Royals scored 5 runs off him.

After that, the Bluejays must have gone through over half their bullpen as the Royals kept hitting and hitting and hitting.

The Bluejays pulled out every stop with replay usage even going to “checked swing” replays, but to no avail.

The crowd was totally quiet tonight, and in the eighth inning, they began to flock out of the stadium.

I was glad to see that Bebe Bautista struck out most of his at bats…qué pasó muchacho? Porqué no dice nada Ud.? No está enojado su bata?

$14 million they pay this guy

Final score: Royals 14 Bluejays 2

The Cubs and Bluejays are in the same boat; they have to win four games straight to get to the World Serious