Daily Banter: Day 1

Tryin’ something new today. We’ll see how long I do this.

Since the wife has gone back to work, I get up also now at 6:00 and fix her breakfast and lunch and tea. She’s gotta have tea. They only problem with that is that she won’t touch it  unless it’s sugared; real sugar only. Her last blood work showed her uric acid was up, as well as her blood glucose. She actually went for a short walk last night for about 20 minutes, which is what I should be doing.

I make her oatmeal, fix her a sammich with yogurt and applesauce, and send her on her way by 6:30. She take a giant jug of tea and a smaller glass that she refills during the day.

She may or may not get home by six…it varies.

Once in a while, I’ll just go back to bed until 9:00 or so, then continue with my day. Today, I made breakfast for myself; egg and sausage with cheese tacos. I have decided to diet to start losing some weight.

My breakfast almost always includes three eggs. Whether they are accompanied by turkey bacon or pork sausage depends on what is in the freezer. I try to avoid tortillas and bread. Slim fast with milk is also a possibility but it usually doesn’t last long, and I have to eat something else sooner than normal.

I only go grocery shopping on Saturday morning at 6:30. I hate crowds and waiting in line so I go early. Been that way for most of my adult life. I worked on my grocery list to start the diet. I am going with the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet. I have used it before, and if I follow it to the letter, I can lose 10-17 pounds in a week. It’s a very hard diet to follow. It’s actually a healthy diet, unlike some of them. I have used it before, and it does work. If I stopped drinking my Jim Beam, I could lose more. No extra salt allowed or alcohol.

I am so heavy now that I cannot put my shoes and socks on without great difficulty because of my belly. My feet and ankles swell up during the day, because I do almost absolutely nothing.

After breakfast, I sit on my ass in my chair and blog and watch TV getting up to only pee and eat.

I have gotten to the point where I have to drink prune juice or eat prunes to stay regular.

I am on three blood pressure meds as well. I am pretty much convinced that if I lost sixty or seventy pounds, I wouldn’t need the blood pressure meds.

I have been successful in my quitting smoking however. Not one smoke since the first week of August.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and put shoes on for some outside work (rare). We are expecting some heavy rains starting tomorrow through the weekend, so I put down some anti-ant granules in the front yard, as they have returned.

That did not take long and noticed the the giant organ pipe cactus on the west side of the house had fallen; at least a couple of pipes fell onto the sidewalk. This particular variety blooms and there were bees all over. The effin’ city won’t pick up the cacti laid out for brush pickup so I have to toss them in the trash. I could replant them as all I gotta do is dig a hole and drop one in and it will grow.

They do require trimming from time to time, and I use a bowsaw for that. They have gotten as high as the rooftop if they are let go.

Larger Image They will branch after a while. This is very close to what I have. It’s called Mexican Fence Post cactus.

After a rain, they bloom at night for one night only.

The flowers are similar to this


There is still one more needing to be cut off, but there are many bees around the blooms on that one. Will wait until the bloom is gone.

I will hit the store on Saturday and purchase my dieting supplies, and begin Saturday. The first day is all fruit…no bananas. That’s an easy day. Can lose three pounds that day.

I have in the past walked over at the school as they have a quarter mile track. I have to get over there early as they don’t allow folks on the grounds after 7:30 so I hit it around 5:15…at least I used to.

This diet works better if accompanied by exercise, but I am so heavy that my new Asics air soles did not help. I could feel every piece of gravel through the sole as I walked, making the rest of the day miserable. I bought some Skechers memory foam Shape-Ups and they should feel much more comfortable. Now I just have to get my ass out there and do it.

The weather has cooled from the hundreds recently, so even if I just walk the street, it shouldn’t be a worry to be overheated.

I took a nap too before the ball game. It came on at 3:00.

I made and ate a fruit smoothie. A frozen banana, 4 oz of frozen berries (black, blue, raz), 8 oz froze pineapple, peach, mango mix, 4 oz plain yogurt, 4 oz unsweetened fruit juice. Since the fruit is frozen, it has to sit on the counter in the blender pitcher for about 45 min before blending.

It’s 5:20. The Royals are getting their asses kicked by the Bluejays. Wife is not home yet. She mentioned she might have a tutoring student this evening at six. Tick tock. What happens next will totally depend on her. No choice but to wait.

Saturday should be interesting as on my to do list is grocery store, haircut, fill the water jugs, and a trip to Sam’s.

For me, that is a full day. As I mentioned, we are expecting lots of rain, and Saturday is supposed to be the heaviest so my outings may be limited.

We have 17 five gallon jugs that I rotate through and fill weekly (not all of them at once). Usually we go through 4 jugs a week; 5 in the hot summer. We make our own ice cubes, and use the water to make all tea and coffee, as well as all drinking water. We have eleven ice trays which require almost daily refills.

I don’t have much hair any more so I keep it cut real close which requires frequent visits to the barber. It’s an old timey barber shop and I been going there since I was a kid…same barber too. Remember the old days when everybody in the barber shop smoked? and the cold as hell air conditioners running in the summer months? Stacks of magazines everywhere. I missed last week as I didn’t get my ones at the grocery store. If the barber doesn’t have change for a twenty, the h/c costs me more as he doesn’t have change.

The trip to Sam’s is a joy unbounded by me.

The wife’s first paycheck is this Friday. This will be in addition to her retirement check which arrives on the last day of the month.

Her retirement check pays all the bills, but no groceries, gas or luxuries. Personally, I don’t care about new clothes, but she does. Whatever. She’s excited about betting paid, as it will be an huge opportunity to get out of debt…again as we have gotten back into the habit of credit cards recently. It will also give us a chance to knock down the mortgage balance.

Well, I see the Bluejays really whooped up on the Royals, winning 7-1 today. Back to KC for the decline of the Bluejays. I am thinking that the Royals will go all the way and take the series as well.

It’s looking like the Mets will finish off the Cubs too.

Wife showed up just before six in time for her tutoring student which didn’t leave until 7:30…talky talky talky. If she got paid, I didn’t see it.

Tomorrow will make serious effort to take a walk.

From what I’ve read, I am perfect candidate for stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, diabetes…

I have my destiny in my hands.

I am slowly killing myself, and have no one to blame but me.


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  1. I’ll only go grocery shopping by myself. I can be in and out in 20 minutes, but if I go with my wife it takes an hour…..

  2. Hang with it man! You can do it. What the mind can perceive the body can achieve. I have no doubts you will succeed in getting your health up to speed. Have a great day amigo!

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