Daily Banter: Day 2

265 lbs

Up at 6 am today, with the wife right on my heels when I exited the bathroom after peeing and brushing my teeth.

Off to the kitchen where I did her lunch and breakfast. Out of sliced cheese so I put some grated cheddar in between the layers of ham. Yogurt and applesauce with a surprise baggie of pecan halves. Glass and jug o’ tea and she’s off by 6:30.

I make coffee, make the bed, and dump and fill the ice trays (it’s such a thankless job) while I’m waiting for the coffee. I start my breakfast and go with sausage, eggs, and charro beans, with a dab of hot sauce. It tastes pretty good, and I then clean up the kitchen dishes.

I do without the Kahlua in my coffee today…too much sugar. I am almost out of my Texas Pecan coffee I got from my sister in law Trish in Fort Worth. I’ll just get it locally from now on as it’s almost the same and cheaper.

It’s just getting light and it’s raining lightly. Hopefully, the rain will dissolve the anti-ant granules I laid down yesterday. It’s supposed to get really bad on Saturday…especially in the Dallas area. Hurricane Patricia on the Pacific side mixed with a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico will merge and create lots of rain for Texas well into the weekend.

I did not go back to bed today.

I filled my 52 oz Bubba Keg with ice and water and returned to my Ethan Allen rocker/recliner. Interesting story (well maybe not but read it or move on), I inherited a few pieces of furniture that my mom bought back in the seventies of the Ethan Allen Variety.

I ended up with a rocker recliner, and the dining set. The rocker I kept with me until 2008, when my wife and I had an estate auction. My wife had the rocker/recliner reupholstered for $300, and then we got $35 for it at the auction. The auction is a very sore subject even now as we thought we would get rich selling off our stuff. Personally, I got rid of several thousand dollars of high end stereo equipment for about a grand (ouch like that hurt like hell).

Since then, I visited my dad, and he managed to hang on to the Ethan Allen lamp table; I guess that’s what you call it. It’s larger than most, it’s round, and it rotates. It has several compartments under for magazines and newspapers and sitch. I managed to weasel him out of it before the termites got to it in the bunkhouse.

Lamp table and rocker/recliner

My wife bought another recliner at a local furniture store, and I didn’t complain but I hated it. Every time we brought up the auction and the chair, we ended up fighting so the subject stayed buried.

She did some searching and found an Ethan Allen recliner/rocker for sale at a used furniture store in California. She bought it and left it to me on how to get it here. I found a freight service and I offered $200 for them to deliver it here.

Now I have the chair back. Good times are here again. It’s more comfortable than the cheesy one.

It’s the little things that are really important in life.

So I blogged and had the TV on a couple movies I had recorded; one called The Hollow was actually not so bad, and another called End Game which wasn’t so bad either. I have certainly seen worse.

Well, I started getting hungry about 11:30 so I searched for something sensible to eat. Nothing jumped out at me so I decided to make a mini meatloaf. I dug around and found a pound of ground chuck, then decided to mix in a pound of ground turkey.

I also put 4 potatoes in the toaster oven to bake. Covered in butter, and wrapped in foil at 400° for about 45 min will be enough since I’m going to leave them in there after the bell rings. The wife likes a potato with her meatloaf. She won’t eat four of them, but I can make a small batch of potato salad with the others.

Potatoes are off my diet…too many carbs tempting as they will be.

By the way, those of you who like meat loaf, you can use pork chicharrones (the hot kind) for your filler. It will keep it low carb…really. I don’t have any so I’ll have to go with something carbish like leftover rice, saltines, or oatmeal. Some chopped onion, seasoned salt, pepper, and maybe some bell pepper if I can scratch some up.

I hard boiled a couple eggs for the potato salad too. I did find some red bell pepper for the meatloaf. 1 tsp season salt, 1 tsp black pepper, about 1/4 C finely chopped onion, 1/4 C red bell pepper, 1 C +- cooked white rice, 2 eggs, topped with ketchup. Bake for an hour and a half. Used a Pyrex loaf pan.

I was pretty hungry by the time I got to eat. I ate about 1/4 of it. I got hungry later and really didn’t want to eat it again, but gotta stay away from the carbs.

Stepkid got up at 1:30 to go to doctor for checkup to stay on meds.

No baseball today as Mets knocked the Cubs out in 4 straight last night. Bluejays travel back to St Louis for game 5 of that series. That will be Friday night.

Got my new Sam’s instant savings mailer. $6 off if you buy two 36 or 24 Duracell battery packs. Have to buy two to get the discount.

Watched another movie whilst eating the meatloaf called Hearts in Atlantis…base on a series of Stephen Kings books called The Dark Tower. Anthony Hopkins does a lot of good films, and this is one of ’em.

Then I had recorded Still Alice for my wife. I can see why it won Oscars. Good show.

Tomorrow I am thinking I will rack off the cider into another large carboy. It has about an inch and a half of sediment. Remember the last racking had so much CO2 in the cider that it gave me fits on racking as the bubbles stopped the flow.

I was shopping in the Northern Brewer catalog yesterday, and am considering a winter brew kit called Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale. I’ll need to order right away in order to have this ready in time for the December holidays. Then there was this one. I am undecided. It’s not like I’m having a lot of folks over.

Since my brother moved away (he was kinda my drinkin’ buddy), there are no other locals to have over to hang with when the weather gets cool enough to start a fire in the chiminea. Hell for that, I’d even start smoking. Good times.

I need to do some work on the aquarium too tomorrow. It has a strange type of algae that looks like long hair. Other than the algae, there are only snails in the tank and they cannot eat that giant stuff.

Wife gets paid tomorrow too, and since I am Master of Coin, I shall delegate out to our creditors those that require attention.

I caught the tail end of The Magic of Belle Isle with Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen, if you like those tender movies that tug at your strings.

Wife got home at 6:30 at which time she ate.

It rained on and off all day today, and we’re expecting it to get very heavy this weekend…folks in north Texas are getting pounded tonight.

‘Nuff for today.