Daily Banter: Day 3

Friday, up at six. My wife, who is usually oblivious to alarm clocks, is up before mine goes off at six. Her two go off five minutes later to give me time to finish my business in the bathroom. Today, she got right up after mine went off and I hit the snooze. Off she went into the bathroom, and I staggered awake and went straight to the kitchen where I started my chores.

When I finished, I got on my computer to see what her deposit was. Nice.

She came out and had looked at my screen and complained that “it wasn’t very much”. That prompted me to remind her that

  1. She got paid for the whole month of October, even though she only worked a couple weeks, and got paid for three days she took off
  2. She only has to work three weeks next month as she gets the whole week of Thanksgiving off
  3. She only has to work two weeks in December as she gets two weeks off for the holidays

That quieted her some, then I said “I never got a paycheck that big in my whole life”.

Heh. I have my moments.

Another successful sendoff, and she was gone by 6:30.

I ordered a Hatsan model 125 .22 caliber break open pellet rifle after she left.


I ordered that and a couple boxes of heavy pellets: 18 gr and 15 gr which are both heavier than what I used in my Benjamin (13gr). Total damage was $181 and change with free shipping.

I started a load of laundry before I went out. I do my own laundry and I expect the others to do same. I went out later to retrieve said laundry three hours later from the dryer only to find that it was still running. That means the vent is clogged.

The cheap bastards that built this house installed a dryer vent that goes up behind the dryer in the wall, straight up through the attic out the roof. Sombitch. That means I gotta pull the dryer away from the wall, and use the sewer snake to clean out the vent. I will have dryer lint popping out the vent for six weeks getting on the roof and in the front yard. Better get it done before the girls do laundry or we’ll have a fire.

Moving along…

I had to go pick up a prescription (boy do I hate doin’ that) at nine.

I had thought about going to Sam’s since I was already out and about, and Sam’s is a stone’s throw from the pharmacy, but decided to wait until tomorrow. I know I’ll regret it because it’s supposed to rain like hell tomorrow, and the wife has to go to school for some extracurricular activity, and she’ll take her covered wagon. I guess I could cram everything in the cab…it is a four door pickup. We’ll see.

Upon my return, I noticed my left front tire was low. Damn! I have been snakebit with this truck since day one. It is a flat tire magnet. I found a nail with its ugly head at the top of the tread. Sheeut.

Well, I figgered that since I don’t work, my time is free so I, very reluctantly, drove over to Discount Tire and spent the next hour plus of my life waiting…in a waiting room…for them to fix my flat and rotate the tires. Oh joy.

Sometimes, ya gotta just suck it up and pay da man.

On a lighter note, it was free since I buy all my tires from them.

Got home at 10:45 and proceeded to make and eat breakfast. Finished the sausage today…mixed feelings about that. Tomorrow begins the diet.

I checked the cider and timed the airlock. It is right close to a minute between bubbles. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna rack it or not. I still have the rest of the day…almost 1:00 now.

I actually timed it and it is bubbling over a minute fifteen, so I decided to move the carboy to the kitchen. In doing so, I shook it up some and now there are visible bubbles coming to the top of the cider and the airlock is bubbling like every fifteen seconds or so. Damn. That tells me two things: the yeast is still alive, and I will have to let it sit a while before racking because of the increased CO2 activity.


the cider cleared but still had active bubbling so I took 2 piloncillos (1 lb brown sugar) and poured about a quart of boiling water on it in a juice pitcher, closed it off and will let it dissolve and cool. I will add it when I rack it and add another pound of honey.

Still gotta do something about the dryer vent before wife gets home. I’ll do that now. This is going to ruin my cheerful disposition for the rest of the day. Soon you will see why. The idiots that installed the water heater permanently, did not leave any room to squeeze between the heater and the dryer. I will have to pull the dryer out gently onto a stack of 3×3 3/4″ plywood sheets to keep it level. The hose will come off either end easily. The hard part is getting my fat ass out of there when I am buttoning it back up. The washer on the left is bumped up against the fridge. It ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Plus, I am overjoyed to have to rearrange shit to accommodate my chore.

Can you believe we used to get a car in here?

Found the problem

The hose was empty. All this was collected at the dryer exit…

OK, done with that.

Starting to get hungry too.

Go here for the aquarium update. Yeah, I pulled some algae. When the sand is clean, the tank is brighter. Maybe a fish in the near future.

A new cider update is here

5:30 now, and wife is not home yet. Fridays the kids are done at noon. I don’t know why she’s late. Probably traffic. She has to fight the ugliest traffic locally. I hope she don’t quit her job.

She arrived after six as she went shopping? She bought a $200 purse, so I told her about the pellet rifle.

Why did you need a pellet rifle? Don’t you have one?

Why did you need a purse? Don’t you have six already?

Man, I am on a roll today.

Royals and Bluejays tonight. Hopefully, the Royals will finish up and send the Bluejays home.

Up early tomorrow again to get to the grocery store…then haircut…then fill water jugs…then Sam’s…then rack cider…all depends on the rain. It’s not supposed to get bad until the afternoon.

Final day update: Royals win 4-3 after a real nail biter with a 45 minute rain delay.

Well done, gentlemen.

Now kick some ass on the Mets.