Hurricane Patricia

Moving our way

Hurricane Patricia

Should make life interesting for the next couple days.


5 thoughts on “Hurricane Patricia

  1. Stay safe down there brother. It’s looking like it’s going to track toward Houston and Beaumont. I am traveling up towards Longview for a family reunion in the morning. Supposed to get 2-6″ up there. Not real concerned dude. I can drink beer and my wine in rubber boots with the best of em! Returning home on Sunday may be a chore though, the Beaumont area is looking at a forecast of up to 12″ of rain. Right on time to totally and completely fuck up deer season with the high temps and high humidity. Perfect…

    • More than likely, the storm will die off quickly after it makes landfall as Mexico is very mountainous in that area. The biggest problem will be the rains that will follow. Thanks for all your concerns.

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