Daily Banter: Day 5

Slept in today until 12:15. That’s a record for me. Good thing I got up too as my brother texted he was on his way over with his wife. They were in town for her 40th reunion. After a bit of scrambling, we were ready for them.

They moved to the Austin area in August 2014 without any job prospects. Both of them are now employed.

My brother lost 47 pounds since April. From 229 down to 182.

I ordered some specimens for the aquarium a while ago.  They’ll be here Tuesday morning.

The rain is gone and cooler weather has moved in. We had it easy compared to folks in north and central Texas.

I had a Slim-Fast with skim milk for breakfast.

I made the onion soup that accompanies this diet and had two bowls. The more I eat, the more I lose. That soup has so much roughage that more calories are burned up digesting, than is in the soup.

I bought half dozen boneless chicken breasts and was looking for a recipe for Chick-Fil-A chicken. Found it here

I won’t be able to cook those tonight as the chicken has to marinade in pickle juice overnight.

I saved a couple of the breasts and pounded ’em down and battered ’em in some pancake mix, seasoned salt, pepper, cayenne, and fried them in about 1/4″ peanut oil. They came out pretty good. Even the wife liked them.

Will cook the rest tomorrow, and have leftovers for a day or so.

Postponed my Sam’s trip until Wednesday the 28th as that’s when stuff goes on sale.


2 thoughts on “Daily Banter: Day 5

  1. Just read through the daily banters you have up. Really enjoyed them. Looking forward to seeing how your diet goes. I need to loose about 20 pounds and just need to get off my ass to do it.

  2. Hang in there, buddy!

    Diets suck, but it’s something you need to do.

    I’m down about 15 pounds for the year, and still have another 30 to go to get down to 185. Between falling down on the ship, and my “cardiac incident” a couple of years ago, my weight ballooned up to where my wife was starting to gently nudge me about it.

    If you lose the weight slowly, which is the discouraging part, you’ll keep it off. I’m able to get back into a couple of pairs of pants that stopped fitting a year ago.

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