Daily Banter: Day 6

Up at 6:00 today. Made the wife oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch, a ham and cheese sammich, grapes, banana, yogurt, and of course, her tea in two glasses. She could not handle the Bubba Keg. It is difficult to remove the top as it screws on/off. She has another very large insulated mug and a smaller one that she refills during the day.

Whilst helping her load up, I moved the trash barrel to the street after topping it off with bathroom, garage, and household trash, including the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I may have brushed a tear from me eye when I closed the lid on the trash barrel.

It was very cool this morning; 62°. It has not been that cool since March…really. The forecast is for high today of 75. I think I’m gonna open the windows.

I made my Texas pecan coffee. Dragging out the grinder, it looks like I’ve got enough for barely one more pot.

I rotated my marinating chicken in pickle juice. I will cook that for lunch.

I haven’t decided what to eat for breakfast. Today is supposed to be all fruit and veggie day. As much as I can eat including the onion soup.

Yesterday, I didn’t really fall off the diet, but I veered off a little. It was all veggie day and I had two bowls of the onion soup, which were the only veggies I ate.

I figure that if I’m not eating ice cream sammiches, chips, candy corns, Tootsie Pops, bread or pasta, then I’m ahead as far as carbs go.

Certainly, the fruit has carbs but a different type of sugar than the refined stuff.

I looked at the cider, and  there are tiny colonies of bubbles still. Click link for update.

I prepared a large bowl of fruit consisting of pineapple, pear, blueberries, and strawberries. I set it down next to my chair in the LR, and happened to glance out the back door. Since I had the sliding patio door open and the screed door closed, I looked at the pool.

It needed work. I decided to go out and work on it. The weekend storm had caused the pecan tree to dump a lot of leaves into it. I first checked the skimmers for leaves. Yep, both of the skimmers were jam packed and overflowing with leaves. Dumped them and noticed the water level was low. (That was strange after all the rain we had, I had to manually drain the pool.) It does have auto refill and uses the same type of valve in the common toilet. This one doesn’t work very well. So be it.

I took the water hose and connected to the faucet and turned the water on full to add to the pool.

Meanwhile, polaris bag was pretty full. A polaris is a little machine that runs on the bottom of the pool sucking up debris and stirring up dirt on the bottom.

Polaris 360 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

I emptied the bag, and while I had the main pump shut off, I went ahead and emptied the pump filter basket as well, as it was full of leaves too.

I added some muriatic acid and brushed the sides a little.

Hell, I don’t even like being in the pool, and I end up cleaning it….moving on. Life is full of unfair bullshit.

So I came back inside and ate my bowl of fruit. The movie Flatliners was on, and I watched it while I ate.

For lunch I cooked the Chick-Fil-A chicken recipe. Delicious. The pickle juice marinade made a  huge difference in the flavor. It really did lean towards the Chick-Fil-A taste. I guess one could make one’s own  pickle juice. I used some pickle juice from an unopened jar that I don’t particularly care for. I think it’s the vinegar that makes the difference due to its acidity. Buttermilk works too for a soaking, but not for this recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

Since I have fish coming in tomorrow, I’ll need to prepare food for them. I have held back a half dozen jumbo shrimp, that I will thaw and put in the food processor with some spinach leaves and a ground up vitamin. I’ll freeze that, and that’s what they will eat. Also will feed them nori on a veggie clip so they can graze between feedings.

The nori has to be boiled in a solution with garlic cloves.

The polaris cleaned the pool pretty good so I shut it off. There is a valve that needs replacing in the chlorinator line. It is leaking water and that means it is letting air into the system. I’ll go get one tomorrow as the pool place is clear the hell across town. The damn pool nickel and dimes us.

While I was moving the hose around, I noticed that the faucet was leaking. The faucet is loose and can be pulled out enough to grab the nipple so that I can unscrew the faucet. Just need to get a faucet. The faucet in the front leaks too, but no way can grab the nipple to hold it while unscrewing it. This is new territory for me. I asked Pop about what the odds were unscrewing it with a hard quick turn, and not breaking it. He said “about 50-50”. If it breaks, then I would have to bust out the brick around the faucet…also new territory. Roll with it.

Waiting for the mailman so I can get that while I bring up the trash barrel.

Will go ahead and post this and add to later if needed.

I shut the doors about 2:30 as the a/c came on.

I ground up my shrimp and spinach and smashed that paste into a little Ziploc bag, then froze it. All I have to do is break off chunks when I feed the fish, and drop them into the tank. The salt water will unfreeze them immediately.

The high got up to 80° today. There are still flood watches out for towns about 20 miles from here.

I had a giant bowl of onion soup for supper. It’ll have to do.