The More I Learn About Wisconsin, The Less I Like It

I’ve been to Wisconsin when I was a kid. It was summer, and musta been late sixties or very early seventies. What I remember was lots of green; countryside, trees, farms. We stopped at a place called Wisconsin Dells and spent a large part of the day doing touristy stuff.

I am shocked to read the things happening in Wisconsin as of late.

and this a few days ago

As I said, I like Wisconsin less and less as time goes by. Where do the liberals come from? Are they

  1. hatched
  2. squeezed from a wad of toilet paper
  3. wrung out of a bar rag
  4. vomited from a housefly
  5. dung beetles in disguise
  6. crawling out of holes

‘Cause they’re popping up everywhere in the least likely places