Cops in the Classroom

Yeah, I’m sure he just walked into the classroom, picked out a knee-grow, and started wailin’ on her without provocation…

That’s why they make tasers…one zap and back talk is over and they’re very cooperative.
Apparently, the classroom cop has a history

2 thoughts on “Cops in the Classroom

  1. Hate to break it to ya… was the senseless chicks doing. She was busting up the class room and wouldn’t obey the teacher. The school cop had to come in and he did all of the proper things he has to do to get the chick to comply. Well she started to hit him and shazam the cop took her down. So it’s all in the editing.

  2. That’s what I figured. I hate lumping all cops as bad guys because there are decent ones out there. This particular guy does have a history though, but I’d be on his side in the classroom incident.

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