Daily Banter: Day 7

I bounded out of bed at 6:00 today, got the wife’s lunch and breakfast done, and sent her on her way.

Today, I am expecting the overnight arrival of some aquarium specimens that will need full attention to get acclimated. As much as they cost, they will require my full attention until that is finished.

As far as the diet goes, today is banana and skim milk day. I had a banana already.

In preparation for the arrival of the fish, I had to shut down the lights, and one of the powerheads. New arrivals acclimate more comfortably if there is as little stress as possible. As expensive as these are, I want to do it right.

The bags must be floated in the tank for 15 minutes to start acclimating the temp. Then, 1/2 C aquarium water is added every 4 minutes into the bags until the bags are full. Then half the bag is emptied, and another 1/2 C until the bag fills again. At that time, the fish are netted and put into the tank. From start to finish, it should take a couple of hours.

I also have a couple of corals arriving with the fish. A ricordea mushroom and candy cane coral (acanthastrea lordhowenesis).

Pics of specimens here.

Overnight will be here by 10:30.


They’re here. Will update.

It turns out that they did not ship the rics I ordered. Acclimation is always different when I use the bag floating method. I have not  tried the drip method. It took me about an hour. The tank is supposed to be dark for four hours. I have never done it that long, and I doubt I will this time either.

The fish are hiding in the rocks for now. The candy cane coral was super-glued to a hole in the rock.

I started the actinic lights up about noon, and will start the daylight bulbs around three.

Stepkid went to work about 11:30. Don’t know what to do with her.

I made a couple of deviled eggs about 4:30. I’m making a small stew for the wife when she gets home. I had a couple of ribeyes that I had to cook or freeze, so I cut them up into stew like chunks and braised them in some chicken broth. Meanwhile, in another pot, I cooked a couple of cubed up potatoes and a couple handfuls of baby carrots with a chunk of onion and a bay leaf for a fifteen minute boil. I then poured the veggies into the meat pot. I saved the potato water and thickened it with some cornstarch, then added part of it to the pot, and left to simmer slowly until she got home.

When I went into the ‘pantry closet’, I found one of my worst nightmares come true: ants in the pantry. I grabbed one of my Raid foggers and set it inside and closed the door. Damn. Sure hated to see that because the fogger will only kill those in the closet. Those of you who follow know that I have had some trouble with ants in the yard lately. Not this kind of ant but they refuse to leave the yard. I keep dropping more and more granules. I guess now they are being driven towards the house.

World Series Game 1 tonight at Kansas City.