3rd Republican Debate Tonight

The 3rd republican debate is on CNBC tonight in Boulder, CO. You remember Boulder? The locals say this about Boulder:

Boulder is 25 square miles surrounded by reality

I see that John “I Balanced The Budget And Had A 2 Billion Dollar Excess!” Kasich is still sniffin’ around.


I wonder if he still waves his hands when he talks.

The debate will no doubt conflict with Game 2 of the World Serious. Depending on how exciting the game is, I may flip back and forth. It would be my first time ever watching CNBC.

IMO, Bush is out but who’s to say that the RNC won’t nominate him anyway because that’s who they want?

Kasich…I am surprised that he’s still around.

Rubio makes sense but he won’t get in…someone’s running mate? Nah.

In some places, Ben Carson is edging out Trump.

Ted Cruz is very strong.

Huckabee, Christie, Fiorina, Rand Paul are all wannabees, as well as the other candidates who they won’t even let debate with the big boys: Santorum, Jindahl, and the rest.