Daily Banter: Day 8

Up as usual this morning to get my lovely wife off to work by 6:30. She requested less tea today and wanted a couple bottles of water instead; done.

I had to hang close to the house today waiting for the arrival of my Hatsan Mod 90 .22 caliber pellet rifle.

The yard guy showed up today around 10:00 and did the yard.

I had planned to go to Sam’s, get a part for the pool plumbing, get some veggie clips for the aquarium, and spray poison on the outside of the foundation around the prepper closet. None of those happened as my delivery did not arrive until just after noon.

Hopefully, I will get all that done tomorrow in addition to picking up a few prescriptions.

I ate only 4 eggs today until after my wife’s tutoring student this evening, she brought in Mexican food. There went the diet. It tasted so good. They did not put any salsa with the chips. If they had, I would have really blown it.

I need the veggie clips for the aquarium. I got some nori seaweed to supplement feed the fish, and veggie clips are what I thought was the way to go. I found out that they are messy as the fish tear off pieces of and let it fall. The pieces can trash up the tank. I also ordered another gizmo to put the seaweed in to feed that’s not as messy. Magnets hold the thing to the side and what the fish pull off is what they eat. It’s called the Gourmet Grazer.

The fish are not eating and have not ventured out into the tank. We can see them lurking in the rocks, but that’s it.

I have dropped food into the tank in case they sneak out and grab some. The veggie clip will allow them to feed constantly.

I snuck in a nap today. I was nodding off in my chair and gave in to the heavy eyelid syndrome.

I flipped back and forth between the World Serious and the debate. At the time of this writing, it’s the bottom of the 7th and Royals lead 4-1.

Royals win 7-1. Those guys are a bunch of hitters. Mets had 2 hits. Cueto had the win. Impressive.

Tomorrow is a travel day, and Game 3 will be played Friday in NY.