Hey Obamski! Hey Shrillary! Hey Bernie!

You freaking liberals who support gun confiscation, take heed to what really happened in Britain. The government cannot control the criminals, so they want to control the law abiding citizens.

I found this at A Herd Of Turtles

obamski continues making speeches lying to get his way.
Comrade obamski doesn’t understand yet (never will) that he has already done so much damage and pissed so many people off that he will no longer get his way.

“It’s time to be honest — fewer gun safety laws don’t mean more freedom, they mean more fallen officers,” Mr. Obama will say at the gathering in Chicago, according to the White House. “They mean more grieving families, and more Americans terrified that they or their loved ones could be next.”

Mr. Obama will say, “I’m going to keep calling on the folks in Congress to change the way they deal with gun safety — and if they don’t, I’m going to keep calling on Americans to change the folks in Congress until they get this right.”