Daily Banter: Day 9

Today was the day I was dreading, as I have to go out and about. I might be borderline agoraphobic as I absolutely hate leaving the house.

First, I took care of the breadwinner; fixed her oatmeal, made her lunch, and got her off to school at 6:30.

I made the last of my Texas pecan coffee, and supplemented it with a little Dunkin’ Doughnuts brand that I have had a while.

I went ahead and got dressed and put on my shoes before my feet swelled up. Then I killed until about 8:45 messing on the computer, at which time I drove to the pool store across town, purchasing a couple of one-way valves and some chlorine tablets.

Next stop was Petsmart where I purchased a veggie clip to aid in feeding the fish. I had looked it up on their site to be sure it was in stock. It was, and I was in and out in five.

Next, the pharmacy to pick up my BP scripts. Sam’s is a stone’s throw from there, but did not want to leave the chlorine tabs in the back of the truck while shopping so I went home first. No big deal as Sam’s is maybe 6 blocks from home.

I unloaded the 50 lb bucket of chlorine and went to Sam’s.

I didn’t get everything on the list, but decided I would go back before the sale ended.

I got home about 10:45. Unloaded my haul from Sam’s and was forced to do some put off but necessary rearranging in the prepper closet.

I bought a large roast and decided to cook the whole thing. Using my rub, I coated it well and seared it good on all sides in a cast iron skillet. I set the oven at 255°, and put the seared roast into a brown n bag with a little homemade bbq sauce.

In and out of the pantry I walked by the cider several times and was thinking “I need to do something about that” and I finally headslapped self saying “you got somethin’ else to do? Do it now.”

So I carried the jug back to the kitchen where I will rack it onto some potassium metabisulphate and chitosan. Click link above for details and pics.

So, three o’clock and done with all on my list except spray ant poison. It was looking like rain earlier so I’d hate to waste 9 bucks worth of Triazicide because of rain.

No game tonight. World Serious continues tomorrow night in New York.

Eating today… for breakfast I had a Slim-Fast with skim milk. I don’t know why but that powder is almost impossible to mix. I mean it globs on the side of the glass and falls to the bottom. I have gotten to the point where I take my hand mixer, put on one beater, and stir it that way. Still has some globation. The Slim-Fast doesn’t last long, but then dieting is not fun anyway.

I mentioned I cooked that roast. I pulled it out after four hours and sliced off a considerable amount. It has a great flavor, but it’s kinda tough. The internal temp was 182° when I took it out. I guess I coulda left it in a couple more hours.

No matter. Lots of protein for the low carb diet.

After that I had a giant salad. That filled me up.


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