Daily Banter: Day 10

Got up at six as usual. Made the wife breakfast and lunch only to be reminded that she did not need lunch today as she was going to the doctor in the early afternoon. Oh well, so now there is a nice snack for someone…anyone but me.

I had a curve thrown at me this morning. I was going through my emails and the fish place had shipped my backordered ric. I had to scramble to go through the acclimation process for one specimen. Then I had a problem with the hose coming off of the chiller water pump.

I was going to pull weeds in the back, but it was raining this morning. That means they’ll be easier to pull tomorrow.

I didn’t have my Slim-Fast until just at twelve then I chased it with a bowl of onion soup.

I worked on the blog for a while. The wife came home, got a bite then went to the doctor.

I had a plate of roast beef and cheese about 4:00. If I have anything else today it’ll be a giant salad.

I checked on the cider today and it has certainly stopped fermenting. No bubbles at all. I will certainly bottle in the next couple days.

I ordered a beer kit from Northern Brewer. At this point, I have decided not to do a Christmas brew, but I have been known to change my mind. This will be the first beer kit I have ordered in twelve years as I usually concoct my own recipes.

Northern Brewer shipped it under the “I Can Wait Label”. They still have not shipped it. That’s what you get for free…This means it will not go out until Monday. Check that; I just got a confirmation that it was shipped out today a shipping label was created. I am sharpening my poison pencil.

Tonight is Game 3 of the World Serious. I managed to squeeze in a short nap before the game.

The forecast:

7-Day Forecast

I wish I had a buck for every first pitch strike the Royals watched go across the plate during the post season.