I Have Been Silent Long Enough

Warning: Don’t read this if you are squeamish about foul language because I am letting loose.

This goddam fucking liberal sonofabitch Bernie Sanders needs to be taken out back and have the shit kicked out of him over and over.

I found these at Antz In Pantz


I don’t have anything against the Jewish folks, and this asshole will never get elected. First of all, you dumb muthfucka, the goddam dune coons are not a race. Fucking islam is not even a religion.

The only people that listen to effin’ Bernie are other dumb muthafuckin’ liberals.

Goddam bernie would change is idiot attitude if his pal obamski dumped a shitload of terrorist raghead refugees on his back porch.

I think that liberal assholes across the planet love to see their pitcher in the paper, and hear the sound of their own voices. The vomit that exudes from them catches attention of the vomit loving mainstream media, who gladly publish it.


The poor bastards in europe are on the verge of seeing the entire european continent turn into nothing more than a massive wasteland of butt fuckin’ delusional towelheads that are unable to think, fend, support, feed, themselves.

We have no choice any more but to help these pork eatin’ wannabees see their 72 virgins before the cold blackness of eternity surrounds them.

X’s Terror Tip O’ The Day…

when making your molotov cocktails, be sure to mix in oil or Styrofoam peanuts as it will burn longer.

Some comments from another blog:

From the Desk of John Rourke – October 29th, 2015

I was recently in contact with someone from Germany. This person is very non-political. I asked how Germans felt about the immigration of thousands of people from Syria and other countries. She said that she and many others are concerned and that they are fearful of the Muslims. She points out that Muslims to not assimilate rather they try to change others.


  • Good evening: Let’s cut the chase and get to the nut cut’n. Your friend in Germany is dead. Anyone else that cannot leave Europe is dead. The EU is dead. Christianity in that part of the world is dead. These people (Muslims) are coming for blood in copious amounts. They will not be denied, and the Western governments are helping them complete their invasion. We are dead in America too, it is far past time that it can be stopped. Those are the facts.


    • DesertRatJak

      German topic: Just heard on the news today, Europeans are clamoring for firearms for self protection in fear of muslim invaders. Long gun, rifle and shotgun, inventory is SOLD OUT in Austria. Pepper spray and other non-lethal weapons are leaving the shelves at unheard of rates. (things that make you go, Hmmmmm.)



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