Daily Banter: Day 11

Today is grocery day.

I was up at 6:15 and off to the traditional grocery store. Out by 7:20. Unloaded and went to the barbershop for my h/c. I always go early because why? no waiting. You’re learning.

Went home after that and had to fill 13 5 gallon water jugs. I kinda let it get away from me. It’s my own fault. The Watermill Express is what I use. It’s very close, and costs $1.25 to fill 5 gallons. There are two dispensers so if no one else is there, it certainly goes faster using both of them; otherwise it’s like watching water boil filling 13 jugs.

Back home and after unloading the jugs, off to Sam’s where I picked up the stuff I didn’t get the other day.

The fish are being less shy and are out of the rocks more today. I saw them eat some of the shrimp I put in; that’s a good thing to see them eat. The tang is nipping at some of the long hair algae growing.

It kept looking like it was going to rain today, but never did. It is humid and sticky out.

Halloween today. X hates Halloween. X turns off the porch light, and disconnects the doorbell, and puts in Lady In White, a movie from the eighties. A spooky flick about a Halloween prank on a kid that sees a ghost after he got locked into the cloak room at school. Time is early sixties. I had the VHS, then found it on DVD. The DVD is a little different.

World Series Game Four tonight also. The Mets pretty much stomped the Royals last night. Mets pitching was phenomenal with Thor on the mound.

Hmm. May not be watching the movie this year.

Top of the eighth, it looked like the Mets were gonna do it until a Mets error and a couple of singles here and there by the Royals put them ahead by two with one out. The crowd sure got quiet.

The inning ended with a double play by the guy who committed the error that sparked the rally.

Royals win, only watched part of the movie.