Daily Banter: Day 13


Wife decided she was tired of sammiches so today she got a mambo salad with lettuce, green and black olives, French dressing, grated cheddar, and chopped tomato. Applesauce, two bottles of water, standard sugared tea, and a Clementine tangerine. Didn’t get away until about 6:40. Daylight saving time is a bastid.

I brought the trash to the street whilst I was out.

Made coffee and cooked turkey bacon and 3 eggs with hot pepper sauce.

I blogged for a while, then showered.

I had a list of things to do so I started by working on the pool. Damn pecan tree is shedding and every fricking leaf falls off the tree and into the pool. I emptied the polaris bag, and the pump basket then fired it up. Added chlorine tablets and some acid also.

My wife has a dieffenbachia that she keeps outside. The recent winds and rain knocked it over as it is quite top heavy for the small pot it is crammed into. I added some potting soil to the pot to give some weight on the bottom. Dieffenbachias are so tropical, that if they even smell a freeze they will die. Don’t ask.

Whilst I am messing with this, I look up under the patio roof and to my horror, there is a giant hole under the eave that has rotted out and finally fallen through. I always suspected that the roof over the patio leaked inside when it rained, but had no way to check it. I am not a carpenter. We all have our strengths. Carpentry is not one of mine.

The rain gutter is so full of damn pecan tree leaves that I don’t think it worked more than one season. Wife refused to cut down the pecan tree. The pool people strongly suggested that it get cut down. The tree is very close to the patio roof too. Squirrels and cats get over the house easily via the pecan tree and roof. Did I mention I got a new pellet rifle?

So, I’m going to have to take down the rain gutter, and I’ll have to clean it out first as it probably weighs fifty pounds. That by itself will be a bitch given the proximity of the tree to the roof..

Here’s the hole with a bunch of plastic garbage bags stuffed in it. I know it won’t help much, it just makes me feel better.

Here is the pecan tree next to the roof. The far branch wreaks holy hell when climbing a ladder and squeezing in between the two.

Notice X’s homemade clothesline between the posts. Next time, I’ll use TW instead of ski rope.

Pool. Going to be 88 today. Inside, I’m screaming.

Water is too cold to swim until May next year.

I called a guy to look at the roof damage. I know it’s gonna sting some. The hole will attract rats or squirrels if it goes unchecked.

He’ll be by tomorrow to look at it and give an estimate although it won’t matter; it has to be done.

A hunk of roast with some cheese and then a fruit smoothie for the afternoon’s eats. Will have a salad later if I’m still hungry.

The wife put in another 12 hour day. I made her a couple of hard shell tacos when she got home with taco seasoned ground beef, grated cheddar, some chopped lettuce, and her favorite brand picante sauce. Sure looked good.

I had the salad, and I’m still hungry. That means my body is craving carbs. I am full, yet my mouth wants those yummy tostadas with refried beans, cheddar cheese, sliced jalapeños, topped with lettuce and tomatoes…but nooooo.