About That Social Security…


I figured that whatever monies paid into by employee and employer went into the Social Security account from which checks were drawn to pay out recipients. Not hard to conceive at all. I like simple.

Then the feds starting “dipping” into that account, creating shortages and then having to create more debt to cover it…oh yeah, remember when that jackoff obamski threatened to halt Social Security checks when Congress was balking at approving the budget a few years ago?assHole.

I have read about “Social Security Running Out” for decades, yet it continues.

Prick obamski’s budget deal took billions from a fund created to aid victims of crime

WASHINGTON—The government’s just-approved budget deal takes $1.5 billion from a fund for crime victims and uses it instead to help pay for federal spending, drawing on a growing reserve collected from settlements with banks and major corporations.



4 thoughts on “About That Social Security…

  1. For a liberal; having money “sitting” in an account is almost like waving cocaine past the nose of a coke addict.

  2. Yep, and it doesn’t matter where the money came from or who put it in their “trust”.

    It was never going to be taxed when you took it out in your retirement, either.

    Remember that big lie?

    Just give me back the amount *I* put in, and we’ll call it even……

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