My Disgust With Wisconsin Intensifies…

I had no idea until recently that Wisconsin had so many short-sighted democrats running the state.

Criminals obviously will not turn in their firearms.

Law abiding folk won’t either, which will make them criminals as well.

If this trend continues, I see a full-blown revolution coming.


4 thoughts on “My Disgust With Wisconsin Intensifies…

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHLOLHAHALOLOLOLOL Oh my!!! snert, Oh man I’m not ripping on ya bud. Just chortling in thinking that you didn’t know that Madison, Wisconsin is known as the San Francisco of the midwest.
    Yes, the politics in Wisconsin IS as bad as you can imagine. I was born, raised and lived there until about a year ago; 59 years. (found my way to Texas)
    Wisconsinites are VERY proud of their legacy of being a progressive state. Now, when the progressives started their campaigns of “cleaning up Wisconsin”. They had legitimate reasons. BUT like anything else the original intent has morphed into a socialistic mindset. And anybody that dares to screw with the “progressive idea” will be met with vitriol and actual violence. (see the year long occupation of the state capital building by the public workers unions)
    The mind set of the left is as bad as you can imagine. It has become baked and brewed into a religious froth. The left will fight you tooth and nail; all while espousing civility and diversity. Typical Alinsky playbook style.
    As to this law about registering so called “assault weapons”. On the surface it could be another attempt by the “enlightened” to make sure the rubes are quelled. OR, it could be some sort of leftist feint so that folks won’t be looking for the real object of their desire.
    Either way, I hope the remaining sensible folks are able to muster another defense against the mindless statists.

        So from where I view the world….I never considered myself a yankee. I always thought that was some curmudgeon from Vermont. Ha. But I guess wikipedia is always right(?)
        Here is a little known fact. The folks that live in the east, wallow in their miasma and really get a delight when their spawn make it into the Ivy League schools. Well, back in the 50’s there weren’t enough openings in those schools to take all those genomes. SSOOOOOO……lots of them were sent to the next best places. SHAZAM, that turned out to be the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The UWM is a land grant college ( (Think government funded; that fact tickled those East Coast liberals.)
        So over the years those “east coaster” kids STAYED in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, they also brought with them that east coast liberalism and didn’t take on the work ethic of the Scandinavian immigrants. So fast forward to today. Bingo! That’s why Wisconsin is a dichotomy.
        Visually, it looks like a very hard working blue collar state. Mentally, it has the psychosis of liberalism.
        I could go on; but I think you get the drift.

      • Damn! I had no idea. Where I live, yankees are those folks that come to south Texas in the winter to avoid the harsh winters in the north. I have seen plates down here from N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Wyoming. There were so many down here one year, that they were sleeping on the floor in hotel lobbies; the ones that did not bring their own trailers and campers with them. The local RV parks were filled from late September into April. The Lutheran church I used to attend back then, was filled to overflow in the winter when the ‘snowdiggers’ were down. Those days are gone.

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