Melissa Click…Communications Professor Blocks Reporters at University

University of Missouri Communications Professor Melissa Click tells reporter to leave.

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Welcome to X’s Cunt List, Melissa Click. The list is short, smelly, and ugly. Join if you will



Monica Foy

Anne Coulter

Boy. You talk about a bunch of fucking liberal bitches. This is why they built semi-automatic firearms.

Does anyone see the irony here? Communications professor blocking first amendment rights?

You stupid bitch. You’re gonna ruin it for everyone.

Is there a right to be alone?

A selective cross section of our youth…and old bags.

Why protest if you ain’t gonna let the media in? (shaking my head in disgust) dumbass liberals.

Wanna know what I think? I think you idiots just want to plop your asses on the floor and have a tantrum until you get what you want (whatever the fuck that is).

Royalty Free RF Clip Art Illustration Of A Teething Baby Throwing A Tantrum by Ron Leishman


Melissa “The Dick” Click resigned her position at the journalism post. She is keeping her assistant professorship, however. Whatever the fuck that is.

The cunt apologized…well then that makes it all better.

Update: 11/12

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Well said, James