Republican Debate #4 This Evening

Tonight on Fox Business network (channel 359 if  you’ve got Direct TV) will be the next round of debaters vying for the republican nomination. I missed most of number three as it was on during one of the World Series games.

Tonight’s big boy room will be less Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie as they got demoted to the children’s table with the lower polling candidates.

Despite sagging numbers, Ol’ Jeb is clinging on with both fingernails weakly dug in.

Trump and Carson are now head to head.

Rubio has had his ass in a ringer from the press in recent days as they question his ability to balance his own checkbook.

Carly too, is still in there but she has lost some of her earlier popularity.

Ted Cruz still has a very strong showing. Many believe it will come down to he and Trump.

Rubio and Bush have been tossing wieners back and forth.

To my surprise, Kasich and Rand Paul are still in; so much so I had to scrounge around and look up who was still in besides the front runners, or at least the candidates making headlines because I could not remember them. Sounds ominous.

For a large part I think we can expect a lot of squabbling for time. The debaters do not play nice with others, and they all scrap to get their ‘fair share’ of TV time. Reminds me of children.


The children’s table played nice. They stopped yapping when the gong rang. No fighting over facetime on camera.


The only thing Kasich might be good for on a hot day if one puts a couple of fans in his hands to keep everyone cool.

I am so sick of Kasich’s bragging about his goddam budget balancing act. And another thing that dipshit kept misquoting, was 11 million illegals to be shipped back, it was 5 million. He sound more like a libtard than usual.

Kasich went over the allotted time every time he spoke.  Oh great; another history lesson from Mr Hand. Mr Kasich, you are not the one. Go home, shut up, and sit down. Give it up. You are nobody.

Marco Rubio mentioned twice that obamacare should be repealed, as did Carly Fiorina. Rubio went over his time once.

Cruz went over four times. Two gongs.

Carly went over all but one time. Two gongs. She repeated herself embarrassingly trying to make her point. I counted four times she said “move every dollar”..what? I’d like to hear more about her “private meeting” with Putin.

Jeb Bush still has no spine. Time to go. Zzzzzzz Stammer stammer stumble trip over tongue…seemed an expert on banking though.

Rand Paul, aka “the Repeater” as he says many things twice.

They all seemed to toot their own horns quite a bit.

After the first hour, all the candidates interfered with others, went over their allotted times, and were redundant. yawn.

Kasich: LOSER

Uncle Jeb: LOSER