Well, This Should Be Interesting…

Federal court finally ruled that obamski’s Executive Order to liberate 5 million illegals from deportation was disallowed being that obamski was “making law” and that he cannot do.


As expected, obamski cried to the DOJ and it has been appealed to the Supreme Court. Obamski really is full of himself, crying because he doesn’t get his way.


The Department of Justice remains committed to taking steps that will resolve the immigration litigation as quickly as possible in order to allow DHS to bring greater accountability to our immigration system by prioritizing the removal of the worst offenders, not people who have long ties to the United States and who are raising American children,”

What obamski and his admin doesn’t see is their own hypocrisy. They don’t deport the illegals who commit crimes here either. They might change their tune with a bunch of crazy ass illegal alien criminals were dumped in DC. If the damned illegals never left their families in the first place, there would be any families to break up.

Obamski still thinks the DOJ is his personal tool to use as he sees fit…prick.