Veteran’s Day

Take a moment and thank a veteran today.


The administration stomps on them when they’re finished with them.

Marine Saluting an American Flag

There is no one more patriotic than a veteran.


4 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. I spent all day Saturday, and today, on the Iowa doing things for out Vets.

    On Saturday I had the honor of pushing the wheelchair of a 98 year old WWII vet who had served in the Navy. He was so alive and alert once he got on the ship that I was sorry to see him go home.

    Today we had a much smaller ceremony on the ship. Since it’s during the week, and most people work, the attendees were mostly my fellow crew members, many, many of whom are Vets.

    It was almost like we had a special ceremony for the crew, and I though that was quite nice.

  2. Having never served in the military (I failed the physical), I try and do things to “make up” for it.

    I worked in the Aerospace industry out here in Kaliforniastan for many years, helping to develop some of the weapons and systems used by our service people.

    And now that I’m retired, I spend 8~20 hours a week on the Iowa, restoring the radio equipment and working on other projects aboard the ship.

    And when we’re very crowded, and short on tour guides, I’ll take off my “radio” hat, and put on my “tour guide” hat, and teach our visitors about the ship and her history, and why she’s so important.

    My Dad was a Navy guy (SeaBees) in WWII, and I hope he’s smiling down at me……

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