Shrillary Claims To Have Tried To Join Marines

Swillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, former first lady, defender of child rapists, responsible for countless deaths in Benghazi, democratic hopeful for president, Guinness World Record Holder For Lying to Congress (next to Eric Holder), has stated (again) that she had tried to join the US Marine Corps in 1975. She was turned down because she lied on her application (I see my chances and I takes ’em).

I admit that I snickered out loud when I first read it. Things gotta really be desperate is she hasta make up shit like that.

Hey! Shrillary! I talked to a Navy recruiter when I was 18!

See? It could be true. No way to confirm it.

We have met the enemy, and she is near!

And then Slick Willie opened his yap

Complicating matters is that in 2008, Bill Clinton told an audience that his future wife tried to join the Army. “I remember when we were young, right out of law school, she went down and tried to join the Army and they said ‘Your eyes are so bad, nobody will take you,’” he said.