Update: Water Damage

For those of you that follow, remember last week I posted under Daily Banter 13, I was going to call “the guy” to give me an estimate on some water damaged exterior of the house. After our last rain, I noticed a hole on the underside of the roof overhang. Big enough for me to put both fists in it. The wood just rotted through. I had some other carpentry work needed to be done as well, and today he arrived with the estimate.

I had gone around the back way tryin’ to sneak in some pics on that post, but WordPress is relentless in reminding me that I am over my allotted disk usage, and I must upgrade (for $99) to be able to post  more pics. Rat bastids!

$1650. I do the painting. I thought it a wee bit steep as I paid $3000 for the whole patio roof anyway, but kept quiet. Low price? Work done quickly? High quality work? You only get to choose two.

My wife kept after me to call the insurance folks (USAA). “You never know” she said “they might pay for part of it.”

So I filed a claim online, and they’ll call tomorrow. Hopefully, they’ll send out an adjuster quickly before “the guy” starts working on it.

“The guy” said it would take a couple, maybe three days to do all the work, and could probably start next week.

I’m not buying paint until the day I have to paint as man; I hate stirring paint.

This starts “the rainy season” for us, and this needs to get done before it gets cold enough to drive the critters into warm hiding places.

I gave “the guy” half to put us on a priority list. We’ll see.