Time to Shut The Gate

What’s the death toll now? 140? The French president declared a national state of emergency and closed the borders. Suspects still at large to do it again. Syrian passports supposedly found on one of the suicide bombers.

See a pattern? Open the gates. Let in the ragheads. They’ve already had incidents by dune coons in Paris. If these porkeaters were amongst the fresh influx of “refugees”, then that is what will happen here.

This is exactly what ragless obamski wants; EXACTLY.

If president ma cherie can call state of emergency, then obamski will do the same.

This will be the beginning of the revolution.

Perhaps I could take a load of “Syrian refugees” to DC, and dump them there to make their plans on the black house.

France is on the edge of collapsing. France has the highest concentration of towelheads in Europe. If raghead states succeed in scaring the French into submission, it’ll be over for them. This is their reward for being so goddam liberal minded.

Oh sure, we can all live together side by side in peace; all races, colors, religions, creeds, sexual orientations, whatever the differences are, we can live together


Au revoir, France.

Or perhaps, the more correct term, adieu.

You won’t be the last to fall.

From Preparedness Advice

From Mac Slavo

Just hours before the Parisian massacre Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blasted European Union member states, claiming that there is a “master plan” for a political takeover of the continent:

There is no master plan. Goatfuckers are too stupid to take over a country.